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July 29, 2013

Biff’s Story: a Well-Traveled and Much-Loved Dog

Posted by: Best Friends

We receive lots of emails and letters from clients about their pets’ experiences with us or to share news about those pets.

But the following letter, which was sent to the staff of our Chadds Ford PA location, describes a pet-owner bond so unique, we just have to share it:

To everyone at Best Friends,

I had a nice talk with Jessica this morning, but wanted to send you this. As you know, I had to put Biff to sleep yesterday. He developed cancer on the side of his head. He'd had a good life - 18 years old, traveled through 48 states, saw the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Canadian border and the Mexican border. Crossed the Vail Pass at 14,000 feet above sea level, Death Valley at many, many feet BELOW sea level and "did his business" on the summit of Donner Pass at 12,000 feet. Pretty good life for a dog. Biff was a loyal friend and trusted co-driver.

My thanks to all of you at Best Friends for taking such good care of Biff when you had him. After dropping him off, I always felt good about leaving him with you, and Biff always seemed comfortable about coming there...dogs do remember the last time they were in a specific place they didn't like and do show signs of that. Never, upon arrival at Best Friends, did he ever show hesitation about going in. THAT'S how you know...and that's why I've recommended Best Friends many times. Thank-you, again, for everything.




Thank you, Scott, for sharing Biff with us.

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