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January 24, 2019

6 Ways Pet Parents Change Their Pet's Life for Change a Pet's Life Day

Posted by: Best Friends

January 24th is Change a Pet's Life Day and to celebrate this special day we've put together a list of six ways pet parents change their pet's life, and how pets change our lives too!


1. Responsible for Providing the Essentials

When you own a pet for keeps, you promise to provide essential necessities and continue to care for them throughout all stages of their life. Pet parents and animal lovers do everything it takes to keep their animals safe and happy. And, you try your best to keep them healthy and well adjusted in their environment.


2. We Love Them Like They Love Us

Love comes naturally to true pet parents. You adore your pet and put up with their quirks. Even when they misbehave, we all seem to forgive them. Our pets do a spectacular job at teaching us forgiveness with unconditional love.

“I’m furious! Wilber is a little stinker, he chewed the corner of the couch today. But, when I look at his face, I melt all over again.” —Virginia B.


3. Pets Become Part of The Family

Our pets are not just animals. They’re more than ‘just a cat’ or ‘just a dog.’ They’re a member of your family. Their cute expressions show us their personality and keep us entertained.

“Dogs make more facial movements when a human is paying attention to them...What was thought by the team before was that animal facial expressions were unconscious. However, studies show that dogs raise their eyebrows and even make their eyes bigger when they are trying to get attention from their owners or a person.”, Scientific Reports Journal


4. We Work With Them

You stimulate your pet’s mind by teaching them tricks and attending training classes. Puppy school is fun, but training is not only for obedience.
Signing up for a class can help build trust and mutual respect at any age of your pet’s life. Training classes give you a chance to build a healthy bond.

“Let your pet think through each command. Try to avoid getting excited when your dog begins to understand and perform your desired trick. Squealing and rewarding too soon can distract them, causing lost concentration and missed connections. Allow Fido enough time to figure it out for themselves first. Your dog wants to please you. You just need to show them how. Allow them the chance to succeed.” —Chris B.

When class is complete, be sure to take time to play. Playtime will bring joy to their lives.


5. Exercising Together

Your pet is your running partner, your friend—your confidant. Pet parents make the time to walk, run and sometimes bike with their pets, all in an effort to make sure they are as healthy and happy as you. 

Many pet parents take their dogs to their favorite daycare where they can exercise their social skills and keep an active body—and mind. Find a place that’s friendly, clean, and safe. Daycare and boarding allows your dog or cat to be themselves in a fun, different environment. Just be sure to look for pet caregivers who take caring for your pets as seriously as you do.


6. Polish Their Appearance

A clean, shiny coat and bright brushed teeth keep your pet happy and healthy. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a hamster, good hygiene and grooming is a large part of proper pet ownership. As pet owners, we always make sure our pets look and feel their best!


Spoil them with lots of toys and treats. (OK, this is extra.)

Your pet means the world you. You treat them like you would like to be treated. Even if your pet has “enough” toys, we change our pet’s life by showering them with gifts.

There always seems to be that one more teddy bear that they’d like to snuggle up with, or a new crazy piggy squeaky toy to try out. Oh, and what about more crunchy cookies to eat or irresistible chewy bones to nibble on?

Yes, we change their lives alright. You walk into a pet store with a dog and a leash, and you leave with bags full of treats and toys!

Changing A Pet’s Life Changes Ours Too!

Pets love with no limits. They love you unconditionally and keep loving you. Your pet sets no conditions on how or when to love. They just love.

When a pet needs you, it changes your outlook on life in general.
Because of this kind of bond, you tend to care more about other creatures in the world. You have compassion for human beings and animals alike. When your pet relies on you for everything, you’re his or her whole world! 

Pets make us happy. Really happy. Your pet doesn’t take itself too seriously either. They live in the moment. If they do have an off day, they get over it—quick, and happily greet you even when you have a bad day. Nothing beats having a pet.

How have you changed your pet's life, and how have they changed yours? Let us know in the comments below!


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